When to introduce your puppy to grooming: Gooming is one of your dog’s basic needs and is an important part of dog ownership. It will help your puppy look and feel his best. A puppy should be introduced to grooming activities as soon as you get him/her home. At that age, this should consist of ear and foot/nail touching/holding, daily brushing and teeth cleaning. The bottom line is that grooming activities should be introduced early and continue regularly.

Bathing: Australian Labradoodles are odor free and do not require daily or even weekly bathing, learning how to bathe your puppy properly and making the experience as positive as possible can be another bonding chance for you and your puppy. Most puppies and dogs only require a bath when they seem dirty or itchy. We recommended bathing your puppy at least monthly and more often to get them accustomed and enjoy this 1-on-1 time with you. *Always use a soap-free shampoo that is intended for dogs.

Brushing: Most puppies enjoy being brushed and this activity will strengthen your bond with your puppy while helping him maintain a healthy and shiny coat. *We will teach you how to brush your puppy's coat so it does not become unruly. 

Haircuts: Depending on your preference, your puppy’s coat and the season, your puppy may benefit from a summer cut every 4-6 weeks. We recommended that you introduce vibrating toys/clippers to your puppy early for him to gradually become accustomed to being groomed with clippers. When your puppy’s coat changes to an adult coat at 8-12 months of age, you may need to brush multiple times a week. We recommend that you give your puppy his first trim at this time as it might be difficult to keep up with the matting in the longer coat and to realize the beauty of his adult coat.

                                             Full coat                                         Summer cut

Ear Care: Familiarize yourself with the appearance and smell (yes, we said smell) of your puppy ears. Labradoodles have floppy ears and long hair that can retain moisture and become breeding ground for bacteria and yeast infections. Therefore, if you are familiar with the appearance and smell of your puppy’s ears, you will know immediately when something is off and you will be able to seek medical attention before the issues gets out of control. You may also consider using your fingers to pluck your puppy’s ear hair. We know it sounds scary but may be necessary to enable your puppy’s ears to breathe. The hair inside your puppy’s ears is not anchored in as well as the hair outside the ear and will feel like eyebrow plucking to your puppy. The use of ear powder will help you pluck the ear hair by adhering to the hair better. *Sprinkle and not squeeze ear powder into the ear as it will clump and disperse unevenly. **Be sure to remove the hairs inside the ear canal carefully so you do not hurt your puppy. We recommend routine ear hair plucking and ear cleaning and flushing with a drying ear solution as part of your grooming routine.

Nail Care: Nails should be trimmed every 4-6 weeks but holding the foot and each individual nail will allow your puppy to become accustomed with this activities.

Puppy & Adult Coat: Your puppy will have a baby coat until 8-12 months of age when the adult coat comes in. This will also be the only time in your multigen Australian Labradoodle's life when he will shed. Once your puppy is 12-14 months, the adult coat will be fully established, and this is the coat you can expect to work with for your dog's adult life.

Please see above video from the ALAA Australian Labradoodle Grooming standards and "how too."


How to prepare for your puppy


We ask that every family purchasing a Mission Trail Authentic Australian Labradoodle puppy read two very important and helpful books. The information will make a tremendous difference in the adjustment and assimilation of a puppy into your home as most dog issues stem from people not knowing how to react to and/or correct various situations.

The Dog Listener by Jan Fennel (You can visit her website at

How to Behave So Your Dog Behaves by Dr. Sophia Yin DVM MS

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