GorgeousDoodles Wagging Charlotte

ALCA # C060-01302018-105-LB1 

ALAA # 067135


>  Sire:  Gorgeous Doodles Charmer Theodore

>  Dam:  Gorgeous Doodles Kayla Pale

>  Color:  Caramel/White

>  Coat Type:  Fleece

>  Size:  Small, 25 lbs

>  DOB: 01/30/2018

>  OFA Hips:  Good

>  OFA Elbows:  Negative

>  OFA Patellar Luxation: Normal

>  OFA Congenital Cardiac: Normal

>  OFA ThyroidClear

>  OFA Eyes:  Normal

>  prcd/PRA: Clear

>  Degenerative Myelopathy: Clear

>  EIC: Clear

>  vWD: Clear

>  DNA tested by Paw Print Genetics: Clear

>  IC Locus: Normal 


Charlotte, call name "Charlee," is a happy and playful young lady that loves to snuggle!  She is gentle and affectionate and loves giving kisses.  She is a very fast learner and is currently in process of obtaining her therapy dog certification. 

Charlotte she has passed all her health tests with great results and she will be having her first litter in August 2019 and we cannot be more excited. 

Because of her affectionate personality, we can tell that she is going to be an amazing momma.  We cannot wait to see the beautiful mini-to-small puppies she produces!  

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Bestland's Fabulous Cleopatra

ALCA # *pending 

WALA # 00023057


>  Sire:  Wild Daisy’s Maximus Liege

>  Dam:  Bestland’s Yella

>  Color:  Red

>  Coat Type:  Soft fleece

>  Size:  Medium, 45 lbs

>  OFA Hips:  Normal

>  OFA ElbowsNormal

>  OFA Patellar Luxation: Normal

>  OFA Congenital Cardiac: Normal

>  OFA Eyes:  Normal

>  prcd/PRA: Clear

>  Degenerative Myelopathy: Clear

>  EIC: Clear

>  vWD: Clear

>  DNA tested by Paw Print Genetics: *pending

>  IC Locus: Normal 


Fabulous Cleopatra, call name "Cleo" is the latest addition to our program.  She is gorgeous and the sweetest thing you will ever find.  She is friendly with everyone, especially with her favorite pal, our family cat.  Cleo has gone with us on many adventures including long road trips in the car and airplane, community events and festivals, vacations, etc.  She is very adaptable and a happy go lucky type of a dog.  She is as comfortable in a green field as she is in the house.  

Although some may mistake our Cleopatra for a Godlen Labradoodle she has five generations of authentic Australian Labradoodles in her pedigree!  She also is finishing her dog obedience training and she is on her way to become a therapy dog for those in need.  Cleo is very affectionate and has a great personality.  She will grow to be an amazing mother and will have an amazing litter of puppies waiting to become therapy dogs!  

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